So Amazingly Busy…

Or at least that is what the tie says. “Fwah, i am so serious about revising i wear a tie”. It has been even easier to fake working today as my parents and grandparents were out leaving my eldest brother in charge, i.e an irresponsible 20 year old. Instead of revising i have been elaborating on my plans for The Joker. Briefly: He has teamed up with Dolly Parton (as played by me in my head) and they have started a band which plays some kind of country/blues(i think The Joker would be good at blues)/folk/hardcore metal shit music. The Joker is on guitar and back up vocals, Dolly on lead vocals and possibly tambourine. We have a large fanbase consisting of two main groups: 1. Creepy goth girls who love The Joker and are always sending him dirty fan mail 2. Southern women who love Dolly and thinks she should leave The Joker for someone who deserves her. Eventually the band splits after musical disagreements, Dolly gets a chat show, The Joker starts all these underground music/art projects and briefly gets involved with the crime scene again. However, in they end he and Dolly secretly marry, move to Oregon and buy a white dog with a black “eyepatch”.

Who needs physics when i have imagination?

In other news, my grandparents were being sweet today. How unlikely. They were talking about the inconvenience of long distance phoning when my grandfather was “courting” my grandmother. They are such a film, my grandfather decided to go on a road trip in a Model T ford with a friend, they drive from Chicago to Alabama to see the friend’s family. My grandmother sees them pull up to the house while she is on the swing and falls madly in love with my grandfather. This trip and their love was actually reported in a newspaper at the time. The celebrated their golden anniversary last year.  

My parents also have a romantic story. My mother used to model for an artist called Cherry Pickles, who is the wife of my father’s friend. When Cherry had a portfolio (or whatever its called) published, she asked my father to write the introduction. My father described my mother’s thighs as “solid looking”, my mother was determined to hate whoever wrote that introduction. They met later when my father had to pick her up from an airport, they went to see Hamlet together. They stayed up all night discussing the play(my father’s favourite) and bonded immensely when my mother made him read “House of Mirth” by Edith Wharton. Two weeks later, he proposed to her; she said yes but had to fly back to the USA immediately afterwards. She began to have doubts in the USA, strengthened by her family. However, he sent her a load of yellow roses (her favourite flowers) and she knew he was the one. They have been married for twenty three years.

Damn it they are hard acts to follow! I love fictional characters or real people i have seriously modified in my head. I don’t like meeting new people. I sometimes have stronger feelings for people in imaginary situations than real ones. If people don’t reply to something i say i will just ramble on and on…usually about world domination or things like “ooh then we could rip their arms off! fun!” and then will clap my hands and giggle.

Speaking of clapping, i can’t stop listening to Church by T Pain. Lights on lights off.


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