Cyanide Pies and All that Jazz

After watching that video, I began to wonder a lot about The Joker. Was it only me who found him strangely attractive in that video? And in cartoon form? Or who really really wanted to dress up as The Joker? I think I would look pretty awesome with the green hair and the suit. This was mainly after I did a quick wikipedia check because I couldn’t remember The Jokers background story. He quits his job to become a stand up comedian, with no support from his wife (who later dies along with his unborn child), but nobody laughs! I don’t know why this makes me so sad. Maybe it is because it that one panel there will always be (awful it may be cheesy) suffering. Then you know, he falls into a vat of chemicals and turns insane and begins to kill people with cyanide pies (pies: yays!. cyanide: connected in my mind to web comic cyanide and happiness and therefore funny, also connected to poisoning doctor who so cyanide pies=awesome!!!) and Joker venom which causes you to painfully laugh to death. I so want to give him a hug. He seems like he needs someone, has a more interesting character, unlike superheroes who are generic and squeaky clean (generally, unless a tv show wants to revamp them as all dark and broody), he would have some excellent conversational topics, you would always have the moral high ground and he has a wicked sense of humour.

You would have to get over the whole killing people evil thing though. I can forgive him because it is imaginary. Just like I can still be in love with Julius Levy (The Progress of Julius by Daphne Du Maurier), who is so unfeeling and calculating. There is one scene which disturbed me at the time where he has to abandon his hometown (due to the Prussian invasion of France) and his family tells him he can’t take his beloved cat, Mimette I believe she’s called, so he ties a handkerchief with a stone it in round the poor thing’s neck and chucks his cat off a bridge. I believe he is about…nine maybe when this happens?  But just like Elsa (oh go read the book, its good!), I can’t help but be attracted to this cold-hearted, horribly stereotyped (money grabbing jew. how original) character.

You know who isn’t a murderer and is just amazing? David Tennant. Though staring at pictures of him whilst listening to Baby got Back and trying to revise Stalin’s rise to power is slightly hard. It may have creeped out my grandparents because I was just sitting there laughing and they would ask me what was so funny and i would go “oh nothing, I’m revising The Purges”. They must think I’m disturbed. Also because I was sitting around in the dark (not for any reason, it was just a hassle to turn on the light). Fortunately I have received only positive comments about the way I look in my man shirt and tie. I like this tie. I like the feeling of wearing a tie, it seems purposeful. It’s also silk so you can just rub it all over your face when no one is looking and be all “mmm…silky”.


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