Alice Cooper and S Club 7

This day has no special signifigance except that it is the tenth anniversairy of Frank Sinatra’s death. I feel kind of guilty not listening to Frank on this day but rocking out(well, attempting to rock out) to Poison by Alice Cooper. He is somehow attractive in that video. I think i might be getting jealous that he feels comfortable wearing leather. Ever since i can remember, i’ve wanted to wear loads of leather. Not necessarily in a punk way, it started off with my cousin Dave and his long leather jacket. Then Elizabeth Hurley wearing that leather catsuit in Austin Powers. Then all the people who look awesome in leather in movies. Denzel Washington (Much Ado about Nothing ), Johnny Depp (Sleepy Hollow), Antonio Banderas(um…Zorro? I’ve seen him in leather somewhere) and lots of punk girls. This need has only increased with time but its becoming more and more impossible due to the way i look so…non leather. I mean, Alice Cooper loves golf which is anti-leather but still wears it. This is so unfair but then again….

I was listening to less leatherness. Hits by S Club 7, Madonna, Tiffany, Blink 182, Blur, Pulp, Dusty Springfield and stuff. Note: It is hard to rock on when your parents are in the room watching the Apprentice and you can here Alan Sugar getting all stressy. I was “rocking” because i got an A* for my geography which i was going crazy about about.

Actual Geography lesson was getting me all stressed out because we were learning about Shanty Towns. Okay, the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro and the slums in Mumbai but shanty is too fun a word. Say it in a funny northenish accent and do a little jig. Its awesome. Shanty shanty shanty.

Im feeling much better for some reason. I think it is being home and not having to do work until the weekend. I mean i have a essay to write on odes with my english teacher father but hey. My brother is being forced to make tea whilst i am chanelling the awesomness of Poison! I don’t work in Chemistry or maths! I spent English (i love it but we were in a computer room) researching the biggest jewel heist in American history! I successfully sympathised (i hope) with most of my friends! This morning i listened to most of Rumours with my mother in the car! I think my hair looks nice! My shoulders aren’t aching so much! I might not fail my GCSEs! I read through a facebook thread on a latin group about ablative absolutes and understood it! Hopefully this mood will last through french tomorrow. I am Olivia Payne and i can do this! (I find my own name very reassuring. look at me! i have a name! Muhahaha!)


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  1. Sophia said,

    May 17, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    You know Alice Cooper does the breakfast show on Planet Rock? All the reason to buy a DAB radio 😛

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