Close but No Cigar

Where does that phrase come from? I am confuzzled! Did someone look at a cigarette once and go “close, but no cigar”? Ah well. It is thinking thoughts like that which has helped me survive a) NO INTERNET! which is why i haven’t updated…or been able to keep up with anything b) Being back at school mainly c) During chemistry. Why does this subject exist? Which brings us nicely to d) Physics. This subject is obviously just imaginary. Hello!? Atoms? Everything being made up of these teensy vibrating things? We think we’re so clever.

First week back was made bearable by two extremely hardcore parties.

Party One: Ellen’s (a.k.a Lenni, Leonard, Leonardo) 15th at Wagamas. This was awesome! We were yelling our heads off, pretending to be ood (Hannah favours wild ood, Imogen prefers slave ood), trying to eat with chopsticks (well, i say “trying” but that really only applies to me…i think i got noodle all over the people next to me), giving Ellen presents(i gave her a picture book entitled “Leonardo the Terrible Monster”-my present totally pwnd everyone else’s) and talking about the brief scene of nakedness in the production of Romeo and Juliet we saw (i got a good view, but it totally wasn’t worth it. hence all the laughter. would feel sorry for the guy, but he was an absolutely rubbish Romeo).  Wandered around afterward and almost fell in river. *does celebratory dance*

Party Two: Sophia’s Party. More noodle bar! More of me and failuriffic chopstickness! Also went to go see Three and Out  which, although i didn’t like at the beginning, got so so good! We slept over-playing twister and watching Doctor Who and Meet the Fockers. *does another slightly less energetic dance because…*

I totally ache from canoeing. Yes! CANOEING! Me and Imogen rock at it! Obviously, Imogen more than i do because she like does stuff on the river all the time but still! *hypothetical paddle five!*. This is because we get the PE option of going to kayaking (randomly, just in year 10) but today the river was flowing too fast. It was a beautiful day! Unlike last week when we couldn’t go out on the river for ages because of the lightening.

Lessons are a tad topsy-turvy. We’re studying Keat’s odes in English which can be depressing yet sometimes inspiring…slightly hypnotic. Osmosis in Biology which is fun, if only because our biology teacher is jumping around going “isn’t this FANTASTIC! It’s like a magic trick!”. More osmosis tomorrow. I could in fact get go down to my kitchen and do my own little experiment of osmosis involving potatoes and water and some kind of sugary water…but i think i may just get tea instead (whilst listening to Fleetwood Mac. Oh yeah).


1 Comment

  1. zedlouise said,

    May 6, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    you know, your failurific chopstick useage totally explains why i had teriyaki sauce on my white undershirt when i got home that night.

    ON MY UNDERSHIRT Livs. what did you do, throw noodles down my top?

    Fucking love you

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