Last Day of Freedom

Today has been spent writing and rewriting bits of my Romeo and Juliet essay, going over my endless mistakes and my english teacher father lamenting the fact that schoolchildren nowadays have no idea what the hell grammar is. Anyway- the other part of half term was spent reading books, going to Hannah’s house, rambling about town and wrapped up in my duvet daydreaming…

 But fuck that, what I really want to talk to you about is ♥David Tennant♥

 (who yes, I was daydreaming about) 

Basically, Friday (the Delicious Tennant’s birthday in fact) I went round to Jess’ house. We watched all of Doctor Who season 2. By the time we finished, I could see the Doctor behind my eyes and couldn’t get the theme tune out of my head(that theme tune goes surprisingly well with Avril Lavigne). After watching Doomsday I kinda lost the ability to speak (if you’ve seen it you’ll know) and was going “blehk! Vroob! But…but! *sob* Glakkk!”. Then on Saturday me and Imogen spent several hours with a little Doctor Who action figure and remote controlled K-9. It is so cute! It even says “affirmative master”! We were bouncing up and down! We must have looked pretty weird as we were carrying a screwdriver around with us but oh well. It was totally worth it, the Doctor’s coat billows! Billows! Plus, you can jump it up and down going “That’s rubbish! Absolute garbage!” and pretend its my biology teacher.

To sum up: David Tennant rocks my fucking socks. And in case you were wondering: yes, the episode set in Pompeii made me jump up and down in excitement. He fights aliens with water pistols! He saves Caecilius!!! The Doctor is obviously the true founder of the Cambridge Latin Course. So basically the Doctor is…just too amazing. Affirmative mistress!


Gérard Depardieu Week

All this week I have watched something with Gérard Depardieu in it every night. Not that I mind, a young Depardieu is quite dashing. Hell, the man even makes a sexy, harmonica playing hunchback (Jean de Florette, go check it out). But he’s so crazily big and his nose is so…out there. Watching french films also makes me begin to try and think in french, so my thoughts become some kind of soothing french accented babbling. Not useful when you need to write an essay on Romeo and Juliet.

Anyway, its been a good half term so far. On Tuesday I went to the Royal Academy to see the From Russia exhibition. This is awesome because a) I got to take a train. I. Love. Trains. So. So. Much. b) There was lots of paintings by famous artists such as Picasso, Renoir and Cézanne(see how casually I list those names?) c) We got to go out for lunch. C is possibly the most awesome of these things because we went to a restaurant and they had miniature pots of jam. They are so damn cute. I know it seems odd to prefer a one ounce thing of jam to Matisse’s Dance II  but they are so fun to play with! Like Chinese worry balls, but…English worry jam jars. Yeah. Still working on a name for it.

Then on Wednesday, my friends Jess, Hannah and Zoë slept over. We tormented Zoë, who was trying in vain to lick her elbow, we watched Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo+Juliet, roasted marshmallows on candles, watched The Princess Bride (best film ever no matter how much Jess and Han laugh at it) and tried to cure Jess’ Doctor Who problem. Jess has been Doctor Who binging and now the only man for her is the Doctor. Unfortunately, she is mixing up the Doctor and our biology teacher in her head. See, as i have mentioned, my biology teacher is an angry Liverpudlian guy who delights in horrible diseases. Doctor Who is a lovable time lord who has a Tardis and adorably fluffy hair. But dammit, they kinda look the same. And even sometimes act the same. Speaking of Doctor Who: i want an adipose. Those were the most adorable blobs of fat this world has ever seen. I accidentally started waving to one of them when they said goodbye (i actually wave to inanimate objects a lot. a whole lot). Plus Peter Capaldi is being Caecilius. Like oh my god, do you have any idea how exciting that is!? Having a crush on Peter Capaldi+ Having a crush on David Tennant+ being a latinstudent= the next episode of Doctor Who will be basically fulfilling some bizarre sexual fantasy. I’m not actually sure what fantasy this is but I’m sure i can think of one.

Speaking of sexual fantasies, Caecilius and David Tennant, fellow latin student Hannah has just informed me her mother has confiscated her copy of Casanova’s autobiography because she read a page about planning a threesome with some 17 year old girls. Hannah is also very excited about Doctor Who and also Casanova’s latin teacher being in the next episode of Skins. We get exciting about the weirdest things. Like…invading Canada and forcing them to change their rubbish mottoes. Hello! Fortis et liber AND Gloriosos et Liber. Be afraid Canada…or at least hide the maple syrup. I so want some maple syrup.

The Good, The Bad, The Kinda Hot

I didn’t manage to get the rake into school. However being one half of American Gothic kicked ass, even though no one could recognise it until I said “you remember the opening of Desperate Housewives…yeah”. I feel guilty for criticising art week, I did enjoy dressing up. Yet hardly anyone at school did which did make it kinda sucky.

You know what else sucks? Orthodonistry and global warming. I have six weeks until my braces come off (hopefully). This means my braces have been uber tightened and I can’t eat or brush my teeth properly because it hurts so much, even though this happened like 3 days ago. Global warming sucks for obvious reasons. I have been going through the newspaper and seeing all this stuff about biofuels, I have taken to cutting out environmental articles to put in a scrapbook. Also sometimes stuff which amuses me, like miniature mammoth remains 🙂 they so cute.

Now what doesn’t suck: soup, facebook, youtube, snow and sleepovers. Soup I have already mentioned in previous blogs. Boy do I love my soup (did I just say “boy”? it seems to work, but then again so doesn’t). Facebook rocks as I have managed to save 3 square feet of rainforest without even spending money. If you do have facebook I urge you to add the Lil’ Green Patch application.

 Facebook also rocks because I like joining lots of random groups, its like “yes! I did use to hide in the clothing racks when my mother was shopping!!!”, “wow! I also would prefer to get jiggy with Julian Barrett than Noel Fielding!”…so on and so forth (I like saying get jiggy, it reminds me of jelly).

Youtube satisfies my addiction for certain songs I just want to listen to repeatedly. These are: If You can’t give me Love by Suzi Quatro, Disco 200 by Pulp and What’s My Age Again? by Blink 182 (just me or is the Mark Hoppus so hot in that video!?). I have spent most of the morning bouncing around singing those songs. I have a particular fondness for this Harry Potter fan video of If you Cant Give me Love where it has all these clips of Ginny and Draco (it’s by MrsSiriusSnape, which I approve of because I have a crush on Alan Rickman). Makes me smile.

It totally snowed this morning! Fucking love snow! It disappeared during the afternoon and I didn’t get to have a snowball fight or anything, but it was still pretty awesome. This is the weather I like! Sunny and not too warm then random snow. Yays for England’s changeable weather, which I know all about because I am a geography student. Well, my friends highly doubt my geography skills and I still can’t describe the various stages of a depression (otherwise known as a cyclone, but that gets confusing) but still!

I had a sleepover as it was end of term and I have a beautiful two weeks off and my parents will be working for most of it. This is rare because my parents both work at schools (English teacher, librarian. we’re all kinda book-centric) so we usually have the same holidays. Zoë and Imogen came round and we played around with my eightball (if you guys are reading this: remind me to bring into chemistry for jokes), went for a walk and ate chips with garlic mayo in the children’s playground in the park, made popcorn, watched Donnie Darko (summary of my thoughts on film: its cool, Darko’s hot, I’m afraid of bunny rabbits, guys look good with bullets in their eyes), then made pancakes for breakfast. Note to self: You can’t make pancakes, what were you thinking!?