Tests, Work and Fifty Cent

The last two days i have been like “OMG I HAVEN’T REVISED” for my geography test(which i got 72% so its okay) and maths. I know i must have failed the maths test though. How do histograms work? I absolutely have no idea what was on that paper. Easter weekend should not be revision time! I spent reading-finally finished that 800+ page book. It was worth it. Have now started on 600+ page book and am making steady progress. In between reading there was numerous cups of tea, ironing whilst repeatedly listening to AYO Technology by 50 cent and randomness by Avril Lavigne(note: not my music, it was on my brother’s ipod) and doing far too much research about palm oil. I will not go on about palm oil but just one thing: As a result of the whole palm oil business, by 2022 98% of Malaysian and Indonesian rainforest will have been destroyed. It is distressing.

But i am generally in a far better mood than i was last week. Bouncing around, eating Easter eggs and lots of soup. I only got annoyed when i discovered Gruff Rhys have cut off the bulk of his Welsh Fro! His bouncing, beautiful, thick curly hair! Why Gruff why? Especially as i might be forking out an awful lot of cash to go to the Green Man Festival, mainly to see Super Furry Animals.

I realised i haven’t been on a huge book binge like that in ages. I really should read more, but instead i choose to daydream. Daydreaming has to be done to a soundtrack though, generally i rely on my radio. This means everything gets mucked around because different genres are played so the atmosphere in my head changes, then i might change station or get bored of the song and then everything turns into some jerky, disorganised puppet show. Then you have to start over again until the story goes the way you want it to. This is because daydreaming in my head is rather like a sitcom. For a start, it focuses on a secret romance. It has had numerous people getting into accidents, they may either break or leg or even go into a coma and so on, i wouldn’t be surprised if i suddenly found the characters in the middle of a dance off. I’m sure I could work it into the plot somehow. But this all prevents me from reading, reading sparks off more daydreams. But I will try to read some more tonight, no more tests for a long time i hope. Oh god i just remembered i have a french test next week. Je deteste tests de français.


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