Planet Savingness

I feel all eco warrior, fighter for the people today. In incredibly good mood! Despite having to act all evil during geography. Today started with research into palm oil during biology and all the crazy issues surrounding it and feeling disgusted about how people treat orangutans. I mean, some get shaved up and used in prostitution. I am not lying, i totally wish i was because that was gross and would have irkedme all day if i wasn’t laughing at a friend of mine for calling me “sexually compressed”.  Then in geography we were arguing about logging in the Solomon Islands, and i had to be on the side of an evil logging company, which was really enjoyable because i got to be all “muhahahaha! but you signed our contract! bwahahahaha! its called bribing the government darling! cower in fear locals!”. Well, not exactly like that, because my geography teacher would have flipped but you get what i mean. I would love to ramble about how to conserve the forests in the Solomon Islands and how evil logging companies(although i do get someof their arguments) are cutting down the forest at  three times the sustainable rate and they could be gone in ten years! We need to support conservationists who do not use bulldozers and only cut down 2 trees per hectare every 10 years! Livvi s worthy causes. Also I like the Solomon Islands, they have really cool wooden huts. Plus, they are right next to Dinosaur Island(!!!!!), a.k.a Papa New Guinea and part of Indonesia.

dinoislands2.png click liiink! I hope it works!

I Personally think that is a very cool annotated map(with a key!). Furthermore, planet-saving-wise, my local council have made some super changes to the waste and recycling services! Awesome! Which means i can have a compost heap, recycle food waste, no longer have to use plastic black sacks, have a better garden waste service, textile collections and a glass recycling box! Yays! Apart from yeah, i liked going to the recyling things outside my local supermarket and chucking glass bottles in as it was strangely fun and relaxing. But still! The leaflet telling me this used the word sustainable! That is a happy word! I may one day be able to say i live in the greenest borough in the UK, which is the aim of the council. So like in your faces other boroughs.   

Um…i just realised how odd that must sound to people who aren’t either me, figments of my imagination or green enthusiasts. I have had a very good day, i tend to ramble when I’m excited. But yeah, peace out.


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  1. Suga said,

    March 19, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Ealing is the greenest borough in… London?

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