Ham Rollz

Is it only me who finds The Teenagers so adorable, with their love of “ham rollz” and cheeky frenchness despite the lyrics? Lyrics such as in ‘Homecoming’ where the man is talking about how he had great, dirty sex whereas the woman he had sex with is all “oh my god, i think I’m in love” or ‘Fuck Nicole’, “alcopops and ketamine this is a cocktail for my queen, fuck Nicole” so on and so forth. That had absolutely nothing to do with my day. Except if you want to find a link, there is a picture of Gruff Rhys in one of my schoolbooks, Gruff is part of Neon Neon, who’s debut album Stainless Steel is out on the same day as The Teenagers debut album Reality Check. Go buy! If Gruff gets more money, then he can afford to get to the magical place which is London! Then we can kidnap him and play with his adorable, bouncy hair. mmm. See, i am in a good mood. Which is weird. I almost feel like being moody so i can be all “my last post was right, this week is so awful. I’m going to go listen to my favourite song ‘Stabby Rip Stab Stab’!”. Please tell me someone out there got the reference to the emo song. Me and my friends used to sing it all the time, in fact, i occasionally see if i can remember all the lyrics. Boy is my maths teacher going to get a surprise if he ever takes in my book and sees “hearing songs about dumped gives me an erection” etc. written in it. Anyway, the only bad thing was cover lesson biology and history. Like no! The only 2 good lessons i had today! Actually, after the suffocatingness of a biology lesson without getting screamed at (we love it when our teacher is angry) geography felt so so good. I drawing climate graphs! Plus, in maths we’re doing something i totally get for once! Note: My maths teacher pouts when he can’t work out a question, tis hilarious. Also note: having to maintain eye contact with your maths teacher while you were just talking to the person sitting next to you about whether or not he would be good in bed is very awkward. Not that i fancy my maths teacher, and neither does the person i was talking to, but dammit, maths is boring. Oh, by the way, we concluded he would be satisfactory in bed as he is young, and is a rower, yet would be kinda nervous. I have noticed there is something me and my maths teacher have in common, we both feel compelled to awkwardly smile at people we make eye contact with. Damn my nervousness! But all is well, i have been stuffing my face with brownie and have been dancing round the kitchen. 🙂


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  1. Alex said,

    March 28, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    Nice article, added to favourites

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