Eyes of Green Green Green

I am listening to that song right now(oh Gorkys Zygotic Mynci why did you spilt up before i discovered your awesomeness?) to celebrate a good weekend! Yays! Which was welcome after that strange wish-i-could-whack-peoples-heads-off-with-a-big-shovel feeling. No one in particular was annoying me, i was just incredibly frustrated all week and most of Saturday. This is due to practical science exam things which count for 25% of my science GCSEs and they would drive anyone insane. But then Hannah invited me round to her house! I have only been to her house twice, it is a realm of magical possibilities and mess. It is so nice to go somewhere not afraid of being messy, like a normal house should be. We bounced around….bounced around….bounced around with her younger brother(who thinks I’m crazy. it’s so sweet)….then we settled down. Yet we i could not settle as we were watching Casanova, starring the simply gorgeous David Tennant. There are lots of pictures of and declarations of love to David Tennant all around Hannah’s house as her sister loves him. Who can blame her? He was simply stunning as Casanova yet it was so damn heart wrenching! I was squirming like “aaah! that can’t happen!” and Hannah was shushing me as she has seen it before. Actually, the song Eyes of Green Green Green always reminds me of Hannah. Her eyes aren’t even particularly green so I’m not sure why. I guess maybe because they are both very calming…or the part of the song which goes “to see see see” like in those rhymes where you clap someones hands(great description), which me and Hannah do sometimes. Gah, next week is probably going to be awful again. I also have far too many books to read, long books. Well, not very long, just longer than my concentration can hold out. Yet David Tennant is bouncing around in my head, looking all adorable in his Casanova get up. I wish i was in Venice, having scandals with dashing,dandy men in leather boots and swishy silk jackets. I wish for a lot of things though. I may go make one of those wishes come true actually, i am off to get some tea. Maybe with…a biscuit!


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