Today is World Book Day!

Okay, sometimes World Book Day is celebrated on April 23rd, but in the UK its the first Thursday of March. Plus, the contrast of World Maths Day and Book Day is fun 🙂  except there must be all these mathematicians who must suddenly realise how much maths sucks in comparison to English and dissolve into a small pile of protractors and calculators due to the awesome power of books! *Maniacal Laugh*. But dammit, i spent all day in a series of science lectures. One one DNA profiling(which was okayish), the next on the science of ‘spinning things'(fucking hate physics!), then on pheromones(too many bad sex jokes) and a cool one on science and magic. I am now incredibly tired due to my hyperness on the coach home, talking about Anglo-Saxons vs. Vikings(Anglo-Saxons FTW!), the coolness of S Club 7 and their role in primary school discos, setting fire to Ellen, tearing Ellen apart to make pillows out of her and starting a pillow fight, how much we love Ellen(we do, its just so fun to tease her) and how we would have to say “rubbish” with a Liverpudlian accent for the rest of our lives thanks to our biology teacher. Try it, shouting “rubbish!” in the accent is addictive. If anyone has any suggestions about staging a 1990s disco it would be much appreciated. We so far have: S Club 7, Steps, the Ketchup Song, Who let the dogs out and Follow the leader for the music of the disco, we would wear leggings and “elaborate”(i.e something other than in a ponytail or just down) hair, be smothered in body glitter and shiny makeup and eat iced gems and party rings. Awesomeness! I wished i had done something more bookish though. We didn’t even have book character dress up day! We have “portrait day”. Coming as your favourite work of art?! Art having a whole WEEK and the only thing the English department getting is free £1 book tokens! Rubbish!


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