Lets twist again…

I think i look good whilst doing the twist in my living room. I am not sure if it is okay to think this because i am overweight and a typical outfit of mine is a mans shirt teamed with jeans and random accessories. I was doing the twist while i was watching the original version of Hairspray, which is not actually a musical which i found weird. Dancing is something i worry about a lot, especially when friends of mine are all “wow- lets all dance!”. Unless i am listening to R&B, which is very rarely, i have no desire to dance as my friends demonstrate. My dancing is picked up from my mother, so that means really ol’ skool. Well, white californian girl 60s/70s style dancing. This is fine at home because i tend to listen to the kind of music which requires either no dancing, crazy jumping and random style dancing, swaying or the 60s/70s thing. I am very glad i do not have many mirrors in my house or live in the mirror world in The Mighty Boosh (horrible flashback to Mr Susan, “look at them shine! look at them shine!”). In completely unrelated news, my american cousin who was sightseeing in London this week, came round for dinner. She is beautiful, was homecoming queen, has a 20 year old boyfriend, works very hard yet parties even harder and….is so amazingly nice i can not dislike her for any of those things. It just makes my happy to know she is no longer as unhappy as she was when she was younger. I can however be jealous of her last name, Buonaiuto(bwon-ay-you-toe) because it is far better than Payne. It is not good for someones confidence to have had people laugh at you for at least ten minutes simply because of your name. I could be more understanding if my name was actually funnier, like on those lists you occasionally find in newpapers etc. “100 most wacky names! and things of that ilk(i just had to use that expression). Continuing on names, why is the new girl on Skins called Sketch? Is it just a randomly generated typically teenage nickname or does it have a story, does she actually have any friends to give her a nickname? I am sorry if you do not watch Skins, i have only started watching at the start of the new series and watching it yesterday (i don’t have E4) i was on the edge of my seat pillow-on-the-floor-because-i-was-too-lazy-to-get-back-onto-the-sofa.


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