Okay, not actual pirates. Me and some friends occasionally dress up as Pirates and hang around this park in Twickenham next to Eel Pie Island. The park has some random statues in it which just look a bit out of place. The park also has lots of squirrels, which we threw bread to. We didn’t dress up today(well, i had my homemade pirate waistcoat on) as one of the pirates was missing(well, working at snakes&ladders!) and we didn’t try to invade Eel Pie Island as usual. Last time we were on the island, we saw this creepy garden which had all these barbie and ken dolls everywhere. Not in abandoned child’s play-stuff way, like a “I AM A CRAZY OBSESSIVE PERSON!!!!” way. So today we just ate brownie, bread,humus and gummy/fizzy sweets-our traditional pirate foods. Brownie because hey-its fucking amazing. Bread because…yeah, you need it in a picnic. Gummy worms was our original sweet of choice to represent maggots. The humus was just me trying to convince people it went with everything. It so does. Speaking of amazing sauce spread things, i made pancakes with maple syrup this morning. The first pancake was awesome, the ones that followed were culinary disasters (but still edible so…). Me and the pirates saw Juno as well. Third time i have seen it during this half term! I can mouth along to most of the words and the songs! Though today the film has subtitles which made it weird because you could read the joke before they said it. I am feeling rather achey and am longing to watch The Mighty Boosh to unwind. However i can’t do this because i don’t have them on DVD and can never find any good links for online TV viewing. I would feel jealous of an acquaintance of mine for meeting Noel Fielding, a.k.a Vince Noir, but i am personally a Julian Barratt, a.ka. Howard Moon, girl myself. I was relieved to find many of people on facebook agree with me on this. Not that Noel Fielding is attractive, but Julian has the stupid moustache. I love that mocha moustache. Plus it would be fun to call him mustachioed–possibly the funest word in the english language.


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