Have spent the day essentially doing nothing. I have taken to searching the names of all the people i know on google, google images, facebook and myspace to see what happens. Sometimes i actually find the people I’m looking for, but then what am i meant to do? I find searching things on the Internet quite interesting, the more specific the better. But it’s half term! I should do something! Unfortunately, most of my friends are away in exotic lands whereas i would be happy just to go to Wales. Actually, I would be veryhappy to go to Wales, particularly this summer when i am hoping to go to the Green Man Festival.  Besides, when I’m in Wales my activities are generally decided for me by my parents, “come on a walk with us!”, “come to the cathedral!” or I’m left to watch S4C, a.k.a the Welsh Channel. It is possibly the most hilarious thing to watch on TV, especially when you consider there are only 3 other channels to watch unless you have cable. That being said, i would love to speak welsh so i could sing along to my favourite bands, which are all welsh for some strange reason. Super Furry Animals, the solo work of SFA’s front-man Gruff Rhys, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Euros Childs of GZM and Ffa Coffi Pawb(which Gruff Rhys was also front-man of). I think the main reason for this is that i find Gruff Rhys so amazingly adorable and the welsh accents, especially of Euros Childs, give the music something. I don’t know what. Maybe its just a feeling of relief not to be hearing the same kind of voice and beat all over again like in R&B. I do like some R&B, but i don’t think you can have as much variation as with other genres. Maybe i should spend my week writing rather pretentious songs to play on my guitar. I’m not very good at writing music unfortunately, I’m better with words. The thing about things we write is that no matter what time or country they are from we can find something we relate to. This is something i think about a lot whilst having to translate Latin love poetry(i take Latin GCSE and am actually loving it). The other thing i think about Latin love poetry, back home reading some Catullus, is “daaaamn,how dirty is this!?”.


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