My sleepover went well. Eating pringles, asking eightballs, watching Dogma and Rocky Horror Picture Show and feeling exhausted after School Birthday challenges. Each year at my school, we do different challenges in our form groups to gain points for the house competetion. There’s a science quiz(we failed at that), maths(again. failed), a Design&Tech challenge(which was awesome this year, it involved building and riding go carts and my form rocked at it), a music challenge(we sucked at classical, and only me and Zoë recognised Stronger was by Daft Punk, not Kanye fools!), a visaul challenge(recognising disguised teachers and landmarks) and a dance(which i thanfully was not involved in). It is generally a happy day, which ends in cake and feeling achey. This morning i went to my group guitar lessons-my teacher is called Marlon, how funkadelic is that? I’ve only had a couple of lessons, and i can hardly play, but i felt good strumming along to some of the more simple parts of Purple Haze and doing that oh-so-cool bass line(even though i actually play acoustic) to The Peter Gunn Theme. I didn’t recognize the name, but then i started playing and i was like “doh! its that thingymabob!”. Afterwards, to the train station full speed! Then a half hour fucking wait to meet a guy i have not seen in a year. In fact, i have only met him once. I was dating his friend. Who turned out to be gay. He was late because the trains were all weird. But we had a good time today, ate chips, watched Juno(i didn’t tell him i had already seen it).  Being on the bus home was nice, but i slipped into crazy monotone inner voice mode, where my thoughts sound like the guy from Fight Club(note to self: read the rest of the book). I must have looked a bit weird, but i like being acting weird on the bus when it is dark. It feels normal, and when i get off i can’t think the same and this makes me sad. Especially today as i was mentally writing a story, which is my way of relaxing. Plus, when i got off the bus it was seriously cold.


1 Comment

  1. Imogen said,

    February 22, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    You eight balled without me !?!

    I feel betrayed. Yep, you “watched Juno” *cough*

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