Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all! Yes, everyone. Especially fellow nerds helping out on parent’s evening. But we did get all the biscuits we could eat! I am…rather regretting that now. Valentines day. I received a white chocolate heart! from my mum. No cards. I have been promised a rose and a kiss on Saturday, but i feel a little guilty having railed against valentines day as most single girls do. Listening to some of the Juno soundtrack makes me feel romantic, but right now its a rather country&western song so all I’m seeing is cowboys. This is not romantic as the last cowboys i saw were at a gay rodeo in Sacramento. I am too tired to be very romantic anyway, as serving drinks all evening and taking orders and carrying around biscuits trays is more tiring than you would think. Also just being eaten up with inner shame at blurting out to a music teacher(who has no idea who i am thank god) that he has really large hands. I did not mean this in the way most people took that phrase(“like omg you just told him you thought he had a HUGE-!), i simply have a hand obsession. Yeah, like that’s any better. This is because my hands are smaller than they should be…and yes i just like men’s hands. Hands are an extension of speech, waving and pointing to express things and you don’t even notice. Hand gestures are also my way of being nervous, as is being overly polite. This is why all my friends parents are like “Mr Moor” and “Mr Mirsky”(by the way-how cool is the name Mirsky!?) and i almost end up hitting people in biology as my biology teacher makes lots of eye contact when you answer questions and has these blue blue eyes. And yes, he also has nice hands. And when we were doing extinction etc. he looked very cool pretending his hands were claws and he was a dinosaur🙂 Also at the time i liked the idea of hunting for dinosaur fossils. Out in the Montana, finding the remains of ancient creatures, while Custer’s Last Stand and other Cowboys vs Indian battles are going on nearby, ooh and the Pony Express…it was a really vivid image for me.  When i was younger all i wanted to be was a paleontologist(well-i thought of it as dinosaur-digging-person), then later i thought “meh-whats the point? How many bones can there be left?” but then that biology lesson it was like “i just rediscovered my dream!”. He was obviously talking about a while ago, but time was not the issue! Stuff is still out there and my teacher obviously has a time machine! This is something i have had dreams about(very weird ones, though it would be awesome if their really was a secret room in the school full of crazy scientific devices) and my teacher played Doctor Who(with an adorable 2D tardis) in our Christmas pantomime. Great-from valentines day to Doctor Who. I will not be blogging tomorrow as it is end of term and I’m having a sleepover! It should be fun!

Muchos Nachos and Love


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