Step inside…

My blog. It would not be right to start a blog with all the negative things which would be so relieving to put down on this page. So positive things. I was not attacked by any monsters, like the bogeyman who i believe lives underneath the ping-pong table or various ghouls in my wardrobe. The fact that i am not attacked by monsters just makes it more scary, like they are saving up for something really big. But back to the bright side, my brother did not steal my nose, or my face. You would think being 14, i would not have to deal with this from one of my elder brothers, but you would be wrong. Nothing bad happened. Yet then again, nothing happened. Except this blog. It was introduced to me by a friend, who has introduced me to some awesome things in past; like just going with your heart when it comes to choosing a milkshake flavour (jammie dodger milkshake was amazing!) and nerdfighters (, so i decided to go along with this as well.

Tomorrow, i will go out and try to find something to put in here. I personally hope it will involve hand puppets.


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