So long, farewell…

It is the end of half term(i really should have done my history homework by now). I have just finished a pint of tea(yeah, we have like these pint mugs), which i drank through a straw ūüôā today i received straws all the colours of the rainbow(well, except indigo) from a friend of mine who found them in a¬†smoothie bar in Barcelona. It was a pretty chilled out day, wandering with straw-giving-friend around Kingston and Richmond. We bought notebooks which we are decorating! Friend is decorating with: Harry Potter Characters, Nerdfighter banner,¬†Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Alice in Wonderland, Juno and David Tennant. She is a big Harry Potter fan and was telling me about her plans for an HP themed birthday party and we listened to some Wizard Wrock.It is a whole genre, with sub genres, of anything to do with Harry Potter. Example¬†Band Titles: Harry and the Potters, Ministry of Magic, The Moaning Myrtles, The Whomping Willows. Example Song titles: Accio Love, Teenage Werewolf, Save Ginny Weasley.It was actually very cool. My notebook: Gruff Rhys, Euros Childs, Casablanca, Super Furry Animals(the cover of Fuzzy Logic), John and Hank Green, The Mighty Boosh, Gone with the Wind and Eugene H√ľtz. Eugene H√ľtz is the front man of gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello and has possibly the most amazing, eastern-European-looking moustache ever. He, along with the rest of the band, has a very…eccentric taste in clothes. I have opted to listen to the rather more chilled out Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc instead of the raw, energetic power of Gogol Bordello’s Wonderlust King. Since my last blog i have discovered: a)Krackin’ Pies- an amazing store which sells very big doughnuts and nice pies b)The price of a Krispy Kreme original doughnut has risen from 90p to ¬£1.10 c) A surprising number of people walk their dogs in the park after dark d) Drinking/smoking till you cannot¬†move is not very fun, but now i have tried it i have no need or desire to do it again. Yes, drinking/smoking in the park(how¬†cool are we?)¬†is how me and some friends discovered the dog walking thing. Being a middle class, white, youngest child and only girl out of three children, grammar school, tea drinking kinda girl than i haven’t been drunk very many times before or smoked a joint. Drinking/smoking is not a big deal to anyone i know (or me to be honest, except when i almost threw up because i inhaled all funny)¬†and so i have been wondering about all the times i have read about people’s first experiences¬†with these things. Drinking is¬†usually in teen fiction, someone gets drunk, its not very pretty, they might do something stupid and they feel all shaky the morning afterwards. Drugs is more difficult because the only book which comes to mind is On the Road by Jack Kerouac, where Sal Paradise and his friends often get offered drugs, mainly weed which is referred to as “tea”, which they buy whenever they have the money. They at some point get to Mexico(described exactly how i like to imagine it), get very high and dance and fuck the night away in the brothel. This is a¬†particularly memorable part of the book for me, mainly because i am always planning to run away to Mexico, yet also because of Kerouac’s painful description of Sal wishing to ask a beautiful, yet very aloof, prostitute to sleep with him, yet he feels like he is somehow beneath her and is too embarrassed to approach her. It was descriptions like that which made me finish reading the book and therefore could feel a great deal of self satisfaction when i went down Jack Kerouac avenue in San Francisco. It was on a awesome road, near china town, where you will find City Lights Bookstore. I bought my favourite postcard from the bookstore- Fidel Castro holding up an “I ‚ô• NY” t shirt.

Lets twist again…

I think i look good whilst doing the twist in my living room. I am not sure if it is okay to think this because i am overweight and a typical outfit of mine is a mans shirt teamed with jeans and random accessories. I was doing the twist while i was¬†watching the original version of Hairspray, which is not actually a musical which i found weird. Dancing is something i worry about a lot, especially when friends of mine are all “wow- lets all dance!”. Unless i am listening to R&B, which is very rarely, i have no desire to dance as my friends demonstrate. My dancing is picked up from my mother, so that means¬†really ol’ skool. Well, white californian girl 60s/70s style dancing. This is fine at home because i tend to listen to the kind of music which requires either no dancing, crazy jumping and random style dancing, swaying or the 60s/70s thing. I am very glad i do not have many mirrors in my house or live in the mirror world in The Mighty Boosh (horrible flashback to Mr Susan, “look at them shine! look at them shine!”). In completely unrelated news, my american cousin who was sightseeing in London this week, came round for dinner. She is beautiful, was homecoming queen, has a 20 year old boyfriend, works very hard yet parties even harder and….is so amazingly nice i can not dislike her for any of those things. It just makes my happy to know she is no longer as unhappy as she was when she was younger. I can however be jealous of her last name, Buonaiuto(bwon-ay-you-toe) because it is far better than Payne. It is not good for someones confidence to have had people laugh at you for at least ten minutes simply because of your name. I could be more understanding if my name was actually funnier, like on those lists you occasionally find in newpapers etc. “100 most wacky names! and things of¬†that ilk(i just had to use that expression). Continuing on names, why is the new girl on Skins called Sketch? Is it just a randomly generated typically teenage nickname or does it have a story, does she actually¬†have any friends to give her a nickname? I am sorry if you do not watch Skins, i have only started watching at the start of the new series and watching it yesterday (i don’t have E4) i was on the edge of my seat pillow-on-the-floor-because-i-was-too-lazy-to-get-back-onto-the-sofa.


Okay, not actual pirates. Me and some friends occasionally dress up as Pirates and hang around this park in Twickenham next to Eel Pie Island. The park has some random statues in it which just look a bit out of place. The park also has lots of squirrels, which we threw bread to.¬†We didn’t dress up today(well, i had my homemade pirate waistcoat on)¬†as one of the pirates was missing(well, working at snakes&ladders!) and we didn’t try to invade Eel Pie Island as usual. Last time we were on the island, we saw this creepy garden which had all these barbie and ken dolls everywhere. Not in abandoned child’s play-stuff way, like a “I AM A CRAZY OBSESSIVE PERSON!!!!” way. So today we just ate brownie, bread,humus and gummy/fizzy sweets-our traditional pirate foods. Brownie because hey-its fucking amazing. Bread because…yeah, you need it in a picnic. Gummy worms was our original sweet of choice to represent maggots. The humus was just me trying to convince people it went with everything. It so does. Speaking of amazing sauce spread things, i made pancakes with maple syrup this morning. The first pancake was awesome, the ones that followed were culinary disasters (but still edible so…). Me and the pirates saw Juno as well. Third time i have seen it during this half term! I¬†can mouth along to most of the words and the songs! Though today the film has subtitles which made it weird because you could read the joke before they said it. I am feeling rather achey and am longing to watch The Mighty Boosh to unwind. However i can’t do this because i don’t have them on DVD and can never find any good links for online TV viewing. I would feel jealous of an acquaintance of mine for meeting Noel Fielding, a.k.a Vince Noir, but i am personally a Julian Barratt, a.ka. Howard Moon, girl myself. I was relieved to find many of people on facebook agree with me on this. Not that Noel Fielding is attractive, but Julian has the stupid moustache. I love that mocha moustache. Plus it would be fun to call him mustachioed–possibly the funest word in the english language.


Have spent the day essentially doing nothing. I have taken to searching the names of all the people i know on google, google images, facebook and myspace to see what happens. Sometimes i actually find the people I’m looking for, but then what am i meant to do? I find searching things on the Internet quite interesting, the more specific the better. But it’s half term! I should do something! Unfortunately, most of my friends are away in exotic lands¬†whereas i would be happy just to go to Wales. Actually, I would be veryhappy to go to Wales,¬†particularly this summer when i am hoping to go to the Green Man Festival.¬† Besides, when I’m in Wales my activities are generally decided for me by my parents, “come on a walk with us!”, “come to the cathedral!” or I’m left to watch S4C, a.k.a the Welsh Channel. It is possibly the most hilarious thing to watch on TV, especially when you consider¬†there are only 3 other channels to watch unless you have cable. That being said, i would love to speak welsh so i could sing along to my favourite bands, which are all welsh for some strange reason. Super Furry Animals, the solo work of SFA’s front-man Gruff Rhys, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Euros Childs of GZM and Ffa Coffi Pawb(which Gruff Rhys was also front-man of). I think the main reason for this is that i find Gruff Rhys so amazingly adorable and the welsh accents, especially of Euros Childs, give the music something. I don’t know what. Maybe its just a feeling of relief not to be hearing the same kind of voice and beat all over again like in R&B. I do like some R&B, but i don’t think¬†you can have as much variation as with other genres. Maybe i should spend my week writing rather pretentious songs to play on my guitar. I’m not very good at writing music unfortunately, I’m better with words. The thing about¬†things we write¬†is that no matter what time or country they are from we can find something we relate to. This is something i think about¬†a lot¬†whilst having to translate Latin love poetry(i take Latin GCSE and am actually loving it). The other thing i think about Latin love poetry, back home¬†reading some Catullus,¬†is “daaaamn,how dirty is this!?”.


My sleepover went well. Eating pringles, asking eightballs, watching Dogma and Rocky Horror Picture Show and feeling exhausted after School Birthday challenges. Each year at my school, we do different challenges in our form groups to gain points for the house competetion. There’s a science quiz(we failed at that), maths(again. failed),¬†a Design&Tech challenge(which was awesome this year, it involved building and riding go carts and my form rocked at it), a music challenge(we sucked at classical, and only me and Zo√ę recognised Stronger was by Daft Punk, not Kanye fools!), a visaul challenge(recognising disguised teachers and landmarks) and a dance(which i thanfully was not involved in). It is generally a happy day, which ends in cake and feeling achey. This morning i went to my group¬†guitar lessons-my teacher is called Marlon, how funkadelic is that? I’ve only had a couple of lessons, and i can hardly play, but i felt good strumming along to some of the more simple parts of Purple Haze and doing that oh-so-cool bass line(even though i actually play acoustic) to The Peter Gunn Theme.¬†I didn’t recognize the name, but then i started playing and i was like “doh! its that thingymabob!”. Afterwards, to the train station full speed! Then a half hour fucking wait to meet a guy i have not seen in a year. In fact, i have only met him once. I was dating his friend. Who turned out to be gay. He was¬†late because the trains were all weird.¬†But we had a good time today, ate chips, watched Juno(i didn’t tell him i had already seen it).¬† Being on the bus home was nice, but i slipped into crazy monotone inner voice mode, where my thoughts sound like the guy from Fight Club(note to self: read the rest of the book). I must have looked a bit weird, but i like being acting weird on the bus when it is dark. It feels normal, and when i get off i can’t think the same and this makes me sad. Especially today as i was mentally writing a story, which is my way of relaxing. Plus, when i got off the bus it was seriously cold.

Valentines Day!

‚ô•Happy Valentines Day to all! Yes, everyone. Especially fellow nerds helping out on parent’s evening. But we did get all the biscuits we could eat! I am…rather regretting that now. Valentines day. I received a white chocolate heart! from my mum. No cards. I have been promised a rose and a kiss on Saturday, but i feel a little guilty having railed against valentines day as most single girls do. Listening to some of the Juno soundtrack makes me feel romantic, but right now its a rather¬†country&western song so all I’m seeing is cowboys. This is not romantic as the last cowboys i saw were at a gay rodeo in Sacramento. I am too tired to be very romantic anyway, as serving drinks all evening and taking orders and carrying around biscuits trays is more tiring than you would think. Also just being eaten up with inner shame at blurting out to a music teacher(who has no idea who i am thank god) that he has really large hands. I did not mean this in the way most people took that phrase(“like omg you just told him you thought he had a HUGE-!), i simply have a hand obsession. Yeah, like that’s any better. This is because my hands are smaller than they should be…and yes i just like men’s hands. Hands are an extension of speech, waving and pointing to express things and you don’t even notice. Hand gestures are also my way of being nervous, as is being overly polite. This is why all my friends parents are like “Mr Moor” and “Mr Mirsky”(by the way-how cool is the name Mirsky!?) and i almost end up hitting people in biology as my biology teacher¬†makes lots of eye contact when you answer questions and has these blue blue eyes. And yes, he also has nice hands.¬†And when we were doing extinction etc. he looked very cool pretending his hands were claws and he was a dinosaurūüôā Also at the time i liked the idea of hunting for dinosaur fossils. Out in the Montana, finding the remains of ancient creatures, while Custer’s Last Stand and other Cowboys vs Indian battles are going on nearby, ooh and the Pony Express…it was a really vivid image for me.¬† When i was younger all i wanted to be was a paleontologist(well-i thought of it as dinosaur-digging-person), then later i thought “meh-whats the point? How many bones can there be left?” but then that biology lesson it was like “i just rediscovered my dream!”. He was obviously talking about a while ago, but time was not the issue! Stuff is still out there and¬†my teacher¬†obviously has a time machine! This is something i have had dreams about(very weird ones, though it would be awesome if their really was a secret room in the school full of crazy scientific devices) and my teacher¬†played Doctor Who(with an adorable 2D tardis) in our Christmas pantomime. Great-from valentines day to Doctor Who. I will not be blogging tomorrow as it is end of term and I’m having a sleepover! It should be fun!

Muchos Nachos and Love

Dammit Janet

I have not found anything remotely interesting. My parents alarm didn’t go off this morning so they let me take the morning off school because i was going to be late anyway. I guess that makes my day more interesting because i had a cheese pancake, and pancakes are awesome. As is maple syrup(mmmmm), one of the best things to put on pancakes. Damn, you can put maple syrup on pretty much anything: chips, hot dogs, quiche etc. You can tell I’m half American can’t you? Especially if you heard the way i pronounce aluminium. Being laughed at for saying “aluminum!” is just one of the many reasons i hate chemistry.¬† In fact, the only science i like is biology and that’s mainly because it doesn’t involve numbers and my teacher¬† is crazy cooland has a Liverpudlian accent. My next blog may involve a lot of my teachers as i am spending valentines day helping out at parent’s evening, delivering tea and biscuits to the teachers. What can i say? I love making tea and giving it to people, and the happy expression on teachers faces when you give them hob nobs.¬† Plus, i don’t have a boyfriend to spend anytime with. This is probably a combination of going to an all-girls grammar school, low self-esteem, being socially awkward and having an older guy thing. Seriously, one of the main reasons i want Hillary to win is so ‚ô•Bill Clinton‚ô•can be on my TV screen more. Of course, Bill is a special case. By older guys i usually mean men in their 30s, not 60s like Clinton. Oh god, my youngest crush is 30 (John Green-founding nerdfighter and author). This is such a depressing fact to admit online i am going to go watch the Rocky Horror Picture show and eat left over party food.

Step inside…

My blog. It would not be right to start a blog with all the negative things which would be so relieving to put down on this page. So positive things. I was not attacked by any monsters, like the bogeyman who i believe lives underneath the ping-pong table or various ghouls in my wardrobe. The fact that i am not attacked by monsters just makes it more scary, like they are saving up for something really big. But back to the bright side, my brother did not steal my nose, or my face. You would think being 14, i would not have to deal with this from one of my elder brothers, but you would be wrong. Nothing bad happened. Yet then again, nothing happened. Except this blog. It was introduced to me by a friend, who has introduced me to some awesome things in past; like just going with your heart when it comes to choosing a milkshake flavour (jammie dodger milkshake was amazing!) and nerdfighters (, so i decided to go along with this as well.

Tomorrow, i will go out and try to find something to put in here. I personally hope it will involve hand puppets.